Interlocking Block Machine in Bhutan

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Interlocking Block Machine in Bhutan

Interlocking Block Machine in Bhutan:

Akshar Precast Industries:
We have a specialised staff and facility that can manufacture, install, and manage a full-service brick and block production operation anywhere in India.

The interlocking block machine represents a paradigm shift in construction methodologies, combining innovation and sustainability. It introduces a streamlined approach to building structures, transforming the construction landscape.

How the Interlocking Block Machine Works
Concept of Interlocking Blocks

Interlocking blocks are designed to fit together like puzzle pieces, eliminating the requirement for mortar or adhesive. This unique design creates a secure and robust connection between the blocks, contributing to the structural integrity of the building.

Machine Operation
The interlocking block machine operates by mechanically compressing a mixture of soil, cement, and other stabilizing agents into precise molds. The outcome is a block that is uniform and tightly interlocked, allowing for easy stacking and assembly.

Material Composition
The materials used in interlocking block production typically include local soil, which reduces the reliance on traditional construction materials and lowers costs. The addition of cement and stabilizers enhances the strength and durability of the blocks.

We Provide Interlocking Block Machine in Bhutan Including Chhukha, Daga, Gasa, Gelephu, Ha, Jakar, Lhuntshi, Mongar, Paro, Punakha, Samtse,Thimphu, Tongsa, Wangdue, Phodrang, Zhemgang Etc.


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