Supplier of Vibrating Tables in Bengaluru

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Supplier of Vibrating Tables in Bengaluru

Akshar Precast Industries is an emerging Indian Engineering Company.
Akshar Precast Industries was Established in the year 2018. Supplier of Vibrating Tables in Bengaluru.
We are offering Semi Automatic Fly Ash Brick Machine, Manual Bricks Making Machine, Block Making Machine, Paver Block Vibrating Table, Cement Brick Making Machine, etc.

The business is promoted by young team of engineers having a very rich domain experience in manufacturing and marketing of engineering products for construction industry.
Our expertise in the fields of Hydraulics, Pneumatic, Metallurgy and Electronics reflects in all our product ranges.

What is Vibrating Tables?

Vibrating tables are specialized equipment used for various industrial applications.
They consist of a flat surface or platform that vibrates at a controlled frequency and amplitude.
These tables are designed to aid in processes such as compaction, settling, and sorting of materials. By applying mechanical vibrations, vibrating tables help in achieving uniformity, declassification, and proper alignment of materials.
They are commonly used in industries such as construction, foundries, packaging, and material handling. Vibrating tables offer an effective solution for improving productivity, enhancing product quality, and ensuring optimal material handling in different industrial processes.

Benefits of Vibrating Tables

Compaction: Vibrating tables are commonly used for compacting materials such as concrete, ceramics, and powders.
The vibrations help to remove air bubbles and achieve a more uniform and dense final product.

Settling and Leveling: In applications where settling or leveling of materials is required, vibrating tables provide a controlled and efficient method. They help to evenly distribute and settle granular materials, ensuring proper alignment and eliminating voids.

Sorting and Separation: Vibrating tables aid in the sorting and separation of different materials based on their size, shape, or density. By applying vibrations, the tables facilitate the movement and separation of particles, allowing for efficient material classification.

Packaging and Filling: Vibrating tables assist in the packaging and filling processes by settling and compacting bulk materials, ensuring proper packaging density and reducing the risk of settling during transportation.

Material Handling: Vibrating tables are used to facilitate the smooth flow and transfer of materials in production lines. They can be integrated into conveyor systems to align and evenly distribute materials for efficient handling and processing.

Product Testing: Vibrating tables are employed in product testing to simulate real-world conditions. They can be used to subject products to controlled vibrations, evaluating their durability, performance, and resistance to vibrations.

Akshar Precast Industries is a Supplier of Vibrating Tables in Bengaluru.
If you are interested then contact us, we will offer you our best quality product.


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